Gestural Lines 
Gestural Lines Look Book
"Flora Linear Hoops" available in sterling silver or sterling silver and 14kt gold filled.
Day Flower Linear Pendant
"Day flower Linear Pendant" sterling silver on oxidized silver chain.
Vine Swirl Rings
" Vine Swirl Rings" composed of sterling silver wire, lightly hammered. Available in large and small swirls, oxidized or bright silver.
Petal Drop Pendant
"Petal Drop Pendant" Oxidized sterling silver wire lightly hammered. on a 24" sterling silver chain. Pendant composed of three petal shapes with movement.
Petal Drop Earrings
"Petal Drop Earrings" Oxidized sterling silver wire slightly hammered. Hangs from sterling silver earring hooks at 2.25" in length.
 Water Ripple Pendant
"Water Ripple Pendant" Sterling silver, oxidized, lightly hammered. 2.5" across. On a 18" sterling silver chain.
Flora Linear Hoops
Folded and Fused 
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Lindsay Hendricks Jewelry featuring the Folded and Fused Collection. Fashion Photography by Alisha Peña Photography.
"Copper Ribbon Bracelets" Created using a fold form technique and hammer texture. Oxidized and polished. Varying sizes available.  Small 2 1/4", Med 2 1/2", Large 2 3/4".
"Silver Folded Bracelet" Sterling silver created using a fold form technique and hammer texture with two loops for added interest. Oxidized. Available in varying sizes. Small 2 1/4", Med 2 1/2", Large 2 3/4".
Fold Form Drop Earrings
"Fold Form Drop Earrings"
Sterling silver fold formed earrings hang at  2 1/4" in length. On a sterling silver hook.
"Fold Form Hoop Earrings" Sterling silver fold formed and oxidized on sterling silver posts. Hangs at 2" in length.
Lindsay Hendricks Jewelry featuring Folded and Fused Collection.
"Custom Fold Form Set w/ Red Garnet" Sterling silver fold form necklace and earrings with red garnet.
"Gold on Silver Set" 10 kt yellow gold chain fused to hammer textured sterling silver.
Winter White Neckpiece
" Winter White Neckpiece" Sterling silver, mirror acrylic, matte white acrylic, crystal quartz, brass back. Hangs on a 24" sterling silver and brass chain. Approximately 2.5" x 4".
Lindsay Hendricks Jewelry featuring Folded and Fused Collection
Promise Rings. Argentium Silver, lavender CZ, oxidized and hammer textured.
Wedding set. Platinum, diamonds, and sapphire.
Mothers Ring. Sterling silver, pearl, peridot and aquamarine.
Sterling silver double texture band. Mens ring.
Sterling silver, oxidized and hammered mens ring.
Custom mood ring. Sterling silver, mood stone, red and green acrylic, 14 kt gold.
Half round textured wedding band. Sterling silver.
Architecture ring. Sterling silver, 14 kt gold, lost wax cast.
Architecture earrings. Sterling silver.
Female Cast Ring. Sterling silver.
Basilica Ring, sterling silver.
Sterling Silver and white acrylic. Silver chain and earring hooks.
Sterling silver, copper, powder coat.
Sterling silver, blue acrylic.
Luna Nueva bracelet. Sterling silver, acrylic.
Fierce Red Earrings. Sterling silver and acrylic.
Rolled Set. Sterling silver.
Symmetrical Studs, sterling silver.